IoT Infrastructure Partner Conference @ CES 2021

Date January 14, 2021
Location Online

Event Detail

IoT Technology Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces, and Cars

A CES Partner Program

14 January 2021, 9:30 to 13:00 (EST)

The Infrastructure that connects remote devices is revolutionizing how individuals can control their own health & wellness, how businesses and schools can make their workplaces safe from COVID, and how vehicle communications are making our roads safer and more efficient. The IoT Infrastructure Conference will cover the use of AI and machine learning in workplaces and schools, mobile edge compute in medical devices, and 5G connectivity in V2X communications. It’s the IoT layer in the technology stack that holds everything together!

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Morning Coffee Discussion: IoT Enabled Digital Transformation

9:30 – Tony Shakib, GM/Partner, Microsoft Azure IoT

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Session I: IoT Makes Schools and Workplaces Safer

10:00, Panel Discussion

Changes to workplaces brought by the pandemic are about more than just smart whiteboards and video conferencing. The IoT is allowing for managers and teachers to provide autonomy without sacrificing accountability, improving the well-being of workers and students and distributing resources more efficiently. Technologies like biometrics, voice enabled interfaces, and remote sensors will make it possible, based on concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), among other things.

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Moderator: Robin Duke Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research


  • Sara Brown, Vice President of Marketing, MultiTech
  • Shannon Duvendack, Partner, IoT Launch
  • Ghazaleh Jahromi, Sales & Partnerships Mgr, Pod Group
  • Dennis Kish, COO, Taoglas

Session II: The “IoT Edge” in Health/Wellness

11:00, Panel Discussion

In the health & wellness sector – where IoT technology investment is expected to double by 2025 – wearables were in some ways the leading light in health/wellness application. Thanks in part to edge compute technology, wearables are now being surpassed by implantables and ingestibles. IoT infrastructure has already revolutionized how care is provided to sufferers of diabetes, asthma, and heart ailments. Expect new applications in predictive healthcare and medications management to come soon with the pandemic as an accelerator.

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Moderator: Anne Hoyer, Founder, GSH Tech Agent


  • Scott Ellis, VP Connectivity, Telit
  • Bryan Lubel, EVP, Connected Health, KORE
  • Scott Schwalbe, CEO/CO-Founder, NimbeLink
  • Jonathan Weiss, VP Emerging Technologies, Software AG

Session III: V2X is the Future of Connected Automotive

12:00, Panel Discussion

Cars are already talking to various grids but expect them to begin communicating with other cars and even pedestrians in the very near future. Driver assistance systems and predictive maintenance, which alerts owners to problems, reduces costs, and maximizes uptime, have been driving forces, but 5G bandwidth and latency will offer a whole new world of possibilities. Issues like security and “over-the-air” (OTA) provisioning will be paramount.

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Moderator: Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights


  • Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris
  • Stefania Sesia Global Head of Application Marketing – Automotive, u-blox
  • Nathan Wade, Regional Sales Manager – Public Sector, Digi International
  • William Yan, President Americas, AVSystem

Session IV: Low Power Wide Area IoT Technology Advantages – Catching the Wave

13:00, Panel Discussion

In 2021 we will see the explosion of LPWA network IoT devices in the public networks. The new devices will enable lower costs data plans and exceptional batter life which can create a great number of new applications in the IoT Enabled Marketplace. Asset Tracking, Wearables, Telematics, Agriculture and Supply Chain. This session will allow you to better understand the powerful ecosystem that is built to support developer and innovator needs as they catch the wave of LPWAN IoT.

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Moderator: Fred Yentz, Founding Partner, IoT Launch


  • Tom Patton, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure IoT, Microsoft
  • Jim Wert, Co-Founder & CTO, Tartabit
  • Neset Yalcinkaya, VP Products and GM Vancouver R&D, Quectel
  • Gideon Rogovski, SVP Americas, Kore Wireless