IIoT Infrastructure Online Conference

Date April 7, 2021 - April 8, 2021
Location Online

Event Detail

IIoT Technology Drives Edge Compute, Connectivity and Supply Chain

In April, the IMC’s focus will be on Industrial IoT (IIoT), the communications layer in the stack that is transforming manufacturing and heavy industry. “Massive IIoT” is allowing for the deployment of sensors on a scale never before seen, bringing with it increased insight into supply chain and other processes. More powerful edge compute technology is the basis for sophisticated concepts, such as AI and machine learning, digital twin, and cobots. And IoT platforms are allowing for integration of device data with MSE backbone systems to provide hands-on analysis. The IIoT adds up to reduced costs and increased opportunities for industry!

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Day 1 – 7 April

9:00 – Opening Remarks: Welcome from Hannover Messe

9:10 – Keynote: Lowering Manufacturing Costs with IIoT Technology

9:40 – Panel:
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks “Sensor-ize” the Enterprise
The widespread deployment of sensors – sometimes called “massive IoT” – has brought with it a need for lower power consumption in the field, and connectivity technologies are now keeping pace. Connectivity deployed in non-licensed spectrum (such as LoRa) as well as more traditional cellular options in licensed spectrum (such as NB-IoT and LTE-M), are just some of the choices available that lengthen battery life and lower connectivity costs. This panel will analyze the options.

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11:00 – Keynote: How IIoT Makes Logistics More Secure

11:30 – Panel:
“Agile Supply Chain” Means Asset Tracking
Supply Chain Managers have more ways to track assets than ever before, providing greater insight for more agile management. The Smart Supply Chain allows for more targeted procurement, environmental initiative, and advanced “cold chain” management, among other things. This session will provide real-life use-cases in how the IIoT is making the Supply Chain more flexible and responsive.

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Day 2 – 8 April

9:00 – Keynote: IIoT Technology Creates New Business Models

9:30 – Panel:
AI/ML Depends on IIoT at the Edge
Embedded devices are the building blocks of Edge Compute that feed the analytics comprising AI/ML. Some of the most advanced manufacturing applications are dependent on making this connection work, including MES integration, Digital Twin, Cobot management, and more. This panel will delve into the Edge of IIoT technology that makes AI/ML possible.

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11:00 – Keynote: The Importance of Integrating IIoT

11:30 – Panel:
5G Enables Dynamic Production in the Factory
Advanced manufacturing concepts (discussed in Track 1) will require the data speeds, latency and reliability that are only made possible by 5G cellular networks. 5G also brings additional advantages of added security and flexibility. Factories, ports, refineries and other industrial sites are increasingly turning towards virtual 5G network slices, or full-blown private 5G private networks to meet their increasing need for connectivity. This session will talk about the first 5G use-cases that are being seen in industrial sectors, with emphasis on real-life benefits that hit the bottom line.

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