Case Studies

Improve efficiency and throughput with seamless connectivity for intelligent exoskeletons

Introducing the intelligent power suit from German Bionic, underpinned by global BICS IoT connectivity. By combining human intelligence with machine power, the suit, worn on the body like a backpack, supports and enhances the wearer’s movements, reducing the risk of accidents and excessive strain. Embedded sensors and built-in IoT connectivity enable ongoing improvement and integration with smart factory systems.

IoT Innovation from Neeco and Tata Communications Delivers Dynamic Logistics for International Dairy Company.

With exploding demand for IoT solutions in logistics and transportation, the Neeco and Tata Communications partnership delivers reliable and secure systemsanywhere in the world.

Case Study: Knode

A farm can’t function without water. In order for a farmer to keep an eye on supply, water tanks, troughs and pumps must be checked at every opportunity. If not monitored, thousands of dollars can be lost in revenue, electricity and wasted water if a leak develops on the property’s supply infrastructure.

Attack of the Invaders: How IoT Technology Is Helping Stop Harmful Pests

Agrint is an exciting new company using smart sensors to help detect the infestation of the Red Palm Weevil and similar insects. Agrint has developed a low-cost and low-energy IoT (internet of things) system which can transmit early detection notifications about infestation of a tree.

Global service for exchanging keys and managing property access remotely

Realising the ever-expanding holiday rental market had no simple solution for round-the-clock, secure key exchange between owners and visitors, they devised the system that became KeyNest. From an informal “collect the keys at the local bar” strategy, an extensive network of key holding partners now exists across a dozen countries.

SMS WorldWide’s Disaster Communication System Powered by MultiTech

In times of crisis, maintaining communication between individuals is vital. With this awareness in mind, SMS WorldWide went to work in 1999 to develop the rst major incident text communication system to handle emergency communication management needs. The system required a no-fault text messaging foundation. Regardless of any and all conditions, it was imperative that messages within the system could be successfully transmitted from a desktop, laptop or tablet computer to any cell phone on any network worldwide. Failure within the system was unacceptable.

Pervasive Vehicle-2-Anything Connectivity Enables Safe, Engaging Rally Racing Experience

Over the past decade, a surge in rally sport competition has resulted in greater incidences of injury, fatalities, and property damage. In an attempt to mitigate these risks, regulators and rally industry representatives are taking steps to rewrite many of the procedures, requirements, and rules currently on the books. This includes firming up team and vehicle licensing requirements, mandating the use of specialised safety equipment, and requiring the latest integrated in-vehicle GPS and communication technologies.

Springboard provides valuable customer behavior insights for retail destinations

Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and retail destinations. From pedestrian counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment and path of movement analysis throughout a destination; Springboard’s services monitor customer behavior at the finest level of detail.

Aeris Fusion IoT Network Delivering Unparalleled Service and Reliability to Trucking Fleets

Long-haul fleet management providers require onboard computing and carrier fleet communications to deliver better business outcomes. On-board solutions require highly reliable, real-time, alwayson cellular network connectivity, which might require multiple carriers, to meet the needs of fleet customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Case Study: Labs at the University of California SF

Prior to integrating technology, the university lab staff manually checked temperatures, UPS alarms and switched liquid nitrogen tanks when they were running low. Dr. David Agard wanted a fully automated maintenance process and a system that would alert the staff when problems occurred or tanks were low. Dr. Agard connected Particle sensors to a few different IoT platforms but Losant’s capabilities won him over due to the ability to customize dashboards and trigger text and email alerts. Using the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform, Agard successfully configured a condition-based maintenance solution to monitor and protect the valuable equipment in the lab.

Leveraging Next-Gen IoT for Managing Medication and Compliance

HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company. that develops smart tools for managing medication. HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System™ is used by patients who self-inject medications at home. It is digitally connected and programmed with personal medication schedules and uses customised reminders to help participants stay on track. HealthBeacon products are designed with patient empowerment being their top priority which has led to 96% of patients accepting HealthBeacon products as part of their treatment.

Enabling Remote Access Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

Implementing a remote asset monitoring solution can be challenging, but for companies in the oil and gas sector, monitoring systems are an essential part of day-to-day business. An eective solution for monitoring remote assets ensures that all systems can be constantly reviewed, updated for eciency, and continuously tracked for performance. There is no room for downtime and the monitoring solution must be foolproof.