Case Studies

Travel SIM for things

The number of international travelers is set to reach 1.8 billion by 2025,1 and as travel statistics continue to rise, so do roaming expectations. Day to day, consumers are reliant on an increasing number of connected devices, which are equally – if not more – important when traveling abroad. Travelers expect their devices to remain operational wherever in the world they are, with reliable, high quality, cost effective connectivity. For providers, the Travel SIM market is highly competitive – as customer demand increases, operators must deliver the best customer experience at the right price, to remain viable.

Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect Network Sets Omate Free To Storm Rapidly Expanding Worldwide Wearables Market.

Choosing the MOVE™ IoT Connect infrastructure from Tata
Communications has not only given Omate choice over 600+
mobile network operators, but also enabled over-the-air
downloads to the virtual SIMs embedded in its products.

IoT in Healthcare: Three Key Approaches to Transforming Patient Care

IoT is becoming a disruptive factor in the Healthcare industry – a statement that is agreed upon by 73% of healthcare executives12. A market that is expected to grow to €139B by 202213, healthcare IoT provides the technologies needed to automate, enhance, and mobilise legacy medical processes and solutions, truly transforming and improving the ways that patient care is delivered.

Supply Chain Monitoring: Internet of Things Solution

The goal of this business case is to explain the Supply Chain Monitoring solution that enables the interaction of different IoT technologies to manage, monitor and control the whole delivery process of goods. Starting with the journey from the farm, through all the delivery routes, warehouses and shops onto the customer’s fork. Cold chain monitoring is one of the specific Supply Chain Monitoring business cases provided thanks to Coiote IoT Data Orchestration.

iBASIS eSIM technology enables network performance for the most advanced and precise sports tracking technology systems on the market

McLloyd, a key player in high performance sport technology, sought iBASIS eSIM technology to achieve unparalleled real-time monitoring in their HPv2 trackers, which are designed for real-time global broadcasting of horse races. The McLloyd trackers are used on horse saddle blankets to enable measurement of their individual performance and monitor their evolution and position during races.

Three Ways IoT Is Driving Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In this eBook, we will explore the many ways that IoT is helping logistics’ organisations remain competitive in this rapidly changing industry, focusing on:
• Optimising Transportation
• Enhancing Inventory and Warehouse Efficiencies
& Improving Shipment Visibility
• Automating Predictive Maintenance

Case Study: Project Canary

Natural gas leaks at oil and gas production sites result in millions of dollars in fines for oil and gas companies as well as lost revenue and damage to the environment. The challenge is that methane, the primary constituent in natural gas, is lighter than air, odorless, and invisible. There are few options for effectively monitoring leaks.

Mitsubishi Motors and Aeris: Technology for the Connected Car

Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) continues to lead the way in the development of highly efficient, affordably priced new gasoline-powered automobiles, while using its industry-leading knowledge in battery-electric vehicles to develop future electric and plug-in hybrid electric models.

Marshall Electric’s Latest Advance into Industrial IoT

When Marshall Electric, a locally owned Industrial Automation and SCADA provider in Southern Illinois, needed to convert their existing SMS-only remote monitoring stations to newer technology, they knew they needed a partner whose products could handle anything, anywhere. Marshall Electric was looking to incorporate human machine interface (HMI), IoT devices, and smartphones all on a single system that was trustworthy enough for critical applications.

Kali Care use advanced and connected technology to revolutionize how we manage illness

Kali Care provides connected medication and advanced data analytics to the health ecosystem, giving more reliable information to healthcare professionals, and giving patients the means to manage their own medication.

IoT Industry Impact: Field Services

As world populations age, the human and economic toll of currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s grows staggering. DZNE fights these diseases using Big Data analytics, but the limitations of traditional computer systems have been a major bottleneck. Seeking a breakthrough solution, DZNE discovered HPE’s Memory Driven Computing—and saw unprecedented computational speed improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s.

United Supermarkets Improves Customer Service with Hybrid IT

HPE's hybrid IT infrastructure solution helps United Supermarkets transform its business using a mix of containers and virtualization with on-premises systems connected to the cloud to create digital solutions in this retail customer case study.