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Green shoots bring hope for recovery

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson discusses the IMC’s latest IoT Buyers’ Index. In the 1986 film Clockwise, John Cleese says: “It’s not the despair. I can take the despair. [...]

Why the UK government hates the IoT.

In his latest blog, IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson looks at the UK government’s problems with smart meters and track-and-trace apps. The UK government and the IoT are not [...]

Why Wait for 5G When There’s Private LTE?

There’s a lot of buzz around 5G, and for obvious reasons. Lower latency, higher bandwidth and vastly increased speeds, this new shiny technology standard for cellular networks promises great [...]

Planning the future of the IMC

Steve Rogerson talks with Sara Brown, who took over as chair of the IoT M2M Council (IMC) in January, about her plans for the council and her views on [...]

Bingo! How IoT firms can join the Covid-19 fight

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson reports from this week’s IMC Industrial IoT Online Summit on how the industry can help during this global crisis. Not that long ago, words [...]

Bringing Supply Chains to the Cloud Simply and Efficiently with LoRa® Devices

The economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on factories, retail settings, work sites, offices, and homes could total as much as $6.3 trillion by 2025, according to McKinsey [...]

Moving the IoT from concept to deployment

MC executive editor Steve Rogerson talks with Mark Tekippe (pictured) from Digi about the IoT, scalability and the coronavirus. There is a big difference between designing a proof of [...]

Growing a Smarter Planet: LoRa® Devices Lead the Way for Smart Agriculture

Internet of Things (IoT) is paving the way for farmers to enter into smart agriculture, with over 75 million agricultural IoT devices predicted to be distributed by 2020 for [...]

LoRa® Devices: Enabling Proven Cost-Saving Utility Applications Today

Globally, the proportion of smart water meters will soon exceed a third of all water meters shipped annually. IHS Markit forecasts over 50 million new smart water meters will ship globally [...]

Embedded World: Numbers down but quality up

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson looks at how the coronavirus outbreak affected last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg. With all the hype about the coronavirus, it was not surprising [...]

Achieve Pallet-Level Visibility Throughout Your Supply Chain

The disciplines of supply chain management and logistics focus an organization on driving value and creating competitive advantages by optimizing the flow and storage of goods. From inbound logistics [...]

Building Tomorrow’s City Today with LoRa® Devices and the LoRaWAN® Protocol

The world’s population is increasingly moving to cities, which has kicked off a quest to use smart city technologies to build sustainable infrastructure and provide greater efficiency. Smart city [...]