KORE: IMC Founding Member Award Recipient

  • April 16, 2024
  • imc
  • KORE

On its tenth year of operations, the IoT M2M Council spoke with Romil Bahl, CEO of IoT managed services provider KORE, reflecting about his time in the leadership team at the world’s largest trade association dedicated the global IoT sector, and its benefits for his company.

Romil Bahl with IMC 10 year award

IMC: What are the key reasons for your company’s engagement with the IoT M2M Council?
Bahl: The IMC is a special organization, close to my heart. I still vividly remember my first board meeting in early 2018, when I was relatively new with KORE, and realizing the significant value that this key “IoT enablement” organization brings.  KORE was one of the founding members and over our 20+ years of existence, there is no other council or forum we have been bigger supporters of, including my vice-Chair and Chairman years, during which we almost doubled the sustainer membership numbers.

IMC: Can you think of a specific scenario when your IMC Sustaining Membership has resulted in gaining new business or partnerships?
Romil: There are many examples of how the IMC helps us grow our business.  The reach is tremendous through the channels and well over 20,000 user members.  We have been able to co-publish white papers and articles, participate in dozens of IMC thought leadership events and webcasts over the years, and get our name out as a simplifier of IoT: connectivity, solutions and analytics! KORE has also benefitted from close partnerships with other members – not only companies like Somos where we can collaborate in the market, but satellite companies like eSAT, and even so called competitors like 1nce, with whom we have built joint solutions.

IMC: In the 10 years since the IMC was founded, so much has changed in the industry.  We have seen the major players (telco’s, Microsoft, AWS to name a few) leave IoT and newer players have since emerged as leaders.  Where do you see IoT 10 years from now?
Romil: I would add Twilio and Ericsson to those leaving IoT and many MNOs are realizing that the independent (carrier-agnostic) value proposition is much better for IoT, so they are carving out their direct IoT business units. Further, I strongly believe that 10 years from now, IoT Connectivity will be consumed at scale. Simplified adoption and digital consumption will be the name of the game, which is why we are positioning KORE as one of the first IoT Connectivity Hyperscalers. I believe there will be 2-3 such players in the market a decade from now.

IMC: We know that you are a leader in the IoT Industry, please tell us about your background, hobbies and what you like to do when you are not in the office.
Romil: after growing up in India and doing my engineering through the IIT system, I worked in France en route to an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin (hook ‘em!). I have enjoyed playing golf and chess over the years, from my early championships during the school years, and then spent my scarce free time with our two daughters, who have recently flown the nest. I love poetry and music and follow where those come together in classical Urdu and Punjabi in my spare time. I love meeting new people, traveling, and learning new cultures, food and wine!