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NVIDIA, HPE to transform US Postal Service

The world's largest postal service, the US Postal Service, is adopting end-to-end AI technology from NVIDIA to improve its package data processing. The US Postal Service will use NVIDIA EGX AI technology supplied by HPE to speed package processing, and it is predicted it will improve processing speeds by a factor of 10
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Daimler cuts jobs worldwide in transformation bid
Daimler is planning to save $1 billion in costs worldwide through job reductions to buffer the high cost of moving away from petrol and diesel cars and trucks. $100 million in savings will come from the van division, and $250 million from the company's trucks and bus division. Daimler says it sees the creation of logistics hubs on motorways as a growth area, and is planning to devote resources to growing in this area
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UPS, HERDX deliver Blockchain-Verified Beef from US to Japan

UPS and US agri-tech solutions provider HerdX have shipped blockchain-verified traced beef from a US farm to Japan. The delivery is seen as a significant step forward in quality assurance and traceability in the beef industry and was celebrated at an event attended by US and Japanese embassy officials in Tokyo
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GEODIS automates Dallas logistics centre

Supply chain operator GEODIS is automating its logistics operations with technology from Massachusetts based materials handling technology specialist Vecna Robotics. Vecna robots and workflow technology have automated the horizontal transport within a 150,000 sq ft distribution centre in Dallas
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ORBCOMM enhances platform for Controlled Atmosphere
ORBCOMM has updated its ReeferConnect and VesselConnect platforms to manage the intermodal industry’s new, energy-efficient Controlled Atmosphere containers. The move supports the logistics industry's move to controlled atmosphere containers for refrigerated cargo transport. The new platforms allow for remote command and control of the new, energy-efficient containers
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Evergreen, BlueX launch Ocean Logistics platform

US-Taiwanese digital freight platform provider BlueX Trade and Taiwanese shipping firm Evergreen Marine are collaborating to develop digitalised integrated logistics. The partnership accelerates Evergreen's digital push into providing integrated logistics, while for BlueX Trade, the partnership fuels the scaling of their CarrierX Initiative with an exclusive partnership with one of the largest ocean carriers
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Nauto AI to improve Fleet Driver Behaviours

Nauto has launched an in-vehicle real-time driver behaviour learning platform to increase fleet safety and reduce reported claims. The company says that customers are finding reported claims being reduced on average by over 35 percent, with some customer reporting more than 80 percent reductions
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Korean Air deploys RMS to boost Cargo profitability
Korean Air has boosted its cargo profitability by deploying an integrated revenue management system from IBS Software. Using a tailor-made solution built on IBS's iCargo platform, Korean Air can now determine the selling price of capacity and ensure maximum profitability per shipment carried
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