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Google Hyundai remote car controls

Google and Hyundai are collaborating to simplify controlling a Hyundai vehicle remotely through the Google Assistant. The two companies are working on developing enhanced Google Android remote vehicle controls through Hyundai's Blue Link
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Fujitsu, Ford partner on Global Mobility Services Platform

Fujitsu and Ford subsidiary Autonomic are collaborating on providing OEMs with a support package to move to the emerging mobility-as-a-service model. The companies will initially deliver the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) and Fujitsu systems integration services to Ford Motor Company, followed by a roll-out to other car makers globally
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Mobileye, OS high-precision UK mapping launched

British national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, and Israeli Intel AI subsidiary Mobileye have launched trials to create the first detailed roadside infrastructure dataset of Britain for a new accurate and customisable location information service
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Honeywell picks Gilat for Satellite comms
Honeywell has picked Israeli satellite communications specialist Gilat Satellite Networks to provide technology for the company's JetWave satellite communication. Integration of Gilat's Taurus IFC aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer its JetWave solution within territories as well as to roam in-and-out of territories where Gilat's ground network is deployed
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Satixfy ASICs for Airbus VSAT communications processing

British company Satixfy is to supply European aerospace manufacturer Airbus with on-board processing ASICs to increase throughput and decrease latency in satellite-based communications
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EB, Synopsys accelerate automotive virtual development

Synopsys is collaborating with embedded automotive software specialist Elektrobit to accelerate automotive electronic systems development using virtual environments. The collaboration is planned to allow faster deployment of virtual environments at tier 1 and OEM companies
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Sequans, Momentum IoT cloud telematics fleet management
French chipmaker Sequans Communications is collaborating with fleet management telematics specialist Momentum IoT to add LTE-M connectivity to the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 tracking device
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PayByCar picks P97 for toll-tag in-vehicle payments
In car payments specialist PayByCar has picked P97 Networks to add toll tagging-based e-payments, using the E-ZPass transponder currently installed in 35 million cars. A pilot deployment is being rolled out at Alltown retail fuel sites within the Global Partners LP network
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