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Uber buys Vision Data firm Mighty AI

Uber has acquired Seattle-base AI company Mighty AI, which creates training data for computer vision models. The acquisition will further Uber's ambition to develop self-driving cars
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Volvo, NVIDIA to develop AI platform for autonomous trucks

Volvo and NVIDIA are jointly developing a decision making system for future autonomous commercial vehicles, using NVIDIA's AI platform for in-vehicle computing. The aim is to produce a self driving system for commercial vehicles that can safely handle fully autonomous driving on public roads and highways
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Ford opens Israeli AV research hub

Ford has opened a research hub in Israel to focus development on self driving and connected car technologies. The Tel Aviv-based lab will focus on technologies in connectivity, sensors, automated-systems research, in-vehicle monitoring and cyber security
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BMW accelerates electric, smart city car features

BMW has brought forward the completion date for the launch of range of 25 new electric vehicles by two years, to 2023. This reflects progress the firm is making in developing the new cars, based on a flexible vehicle architecture. More than half of the 25 new models will be fully electric
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Lightyear launches Long-Range Solar Car

Dutch clean mobility start-up Lightyear has launched a long-range solar car. The prototype was unveiled at a presentation in Katwijk, the Netherlands
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Honeywell IoT analytics to boost airline profits
Honeywell has launched an analytics-based platform to help airlines increase profit while improving efficiency and overall passenger experience. Honeywell Forge for Airlines will collect, clean and analyse streams of disparate data from a variety of aeroplane, airport, government and Honeywell sources
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Raytheon, AirMap to integrate drones into US Airspace System
Raytheon is to collaborate with AirMap, a company that provides an airspace intelligence platform for drones, to integrate unmanned drones into the national airspace system and help expand the scope of commercial drone operations
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Hyundai launch voice-enabled SUV in India

Voice-enabled AI specialist SoundHound has partnered with Hyundai to launch a voice-enabled, smart-connected SUV in India. Featuring SoundHound’s Houndify voice AI platform, the Hyundai Venue SUV allows drivers to speak queries and control aspects of the car by pushing a button on the steering wheel and talking using their natural voices
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Clutch, Cox add valuation, demand data to fleet platform
Clutch Technologies and automotive software developer Cox have integrated fleet valuation data, market demand and utilisation, and inventory optimisation features into the Clutch platform. This should allow fleet managers to better exploit their fleet value and optimise their fleet size and mix
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