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GE launches new Industrial IoT software company

GE is establishing a new industrial IoT software company. The company will start with $1.2 billion in annual software revenue and an existing industrial customer base
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Nokia LTE, Port 4.0 at HaminaKotka

Steveco Oy is automating logistics operations in the port of HaminaKotka based on a high capacity mobile broadband network and automation technology provided by Nokia
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Vuzix Smart Glasses for LogistiVIEW Connected Workers
Smart glass and AR specialist Vuzix has integrated its Blade range of industrial vision systems with the LogistiVIEW Connected Worker Platform
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CEVA neural network speech for industrial IoT applications

CEVA has launched a Neural Network based speech recognition technology aimed at enterprise users and optimised for edge devices. The company's WhisPro product is designed to allow enterprise users to utilise voice as a primary human interface for intelligent cloud based services and edge devices
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Apollo Robotics autonomous surveyor drone

Apollo Robotics has unveiled a drone platform for land surveying. The Surveyor Version 1 drone platform is designed as an affordable drone system aimed at the surveyor profession
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McKinsey opens Industrial IoT hub for North Asia
McKinsey has opened a centre specialising in Industrial IoT consultancy for North Asia in Taiwan. The company is partnering with more than 100 technology firms to help its industrial and manufacturing clients transform their business and industrial systems to incorporate IoT technologies
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Polymer Logistics, Sequans IoT Logistics on Verizon
Sequans Communications and logistics packaging specialist Polymer Logistics has developed an IoT tracking device for use with logistics pallets and other retail and industrial IoT applications
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JD unveils precise industrial robot chassis
JD Digits has created a universal robotic chassis, designed to help engineers develop robots with more flexibility and efficiency. The company unveiled the new chassis at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
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Deere launches Ag Tech startup programme

Deere is launching a Startup Collaborator programme within its Intelligent Solutions Group. The aim is to extend involvement with startup companies whose technology could add value for John Deere customers
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