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Fitbit partners Cardiogram on health monitoring

Fitbit is working with Californian start-up Cardiogram to bring more health monitoring features to its users with the goals to improve care management, empower users and potentially save lives.
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Omron expands Alexa skill for connected blood-pressure monitors

Omron Healthcare has expanded the capabilities of its connected blood pressure monitor through the Omron Health skill for Amazon Alexa. Last year, Omron became the first brand to create a blood pressure monitoring skill for Alexa.
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BT demonstrates how 5G can transform healthcare

The UK’s first demonstration of a remote-controlled ultrasound scan over a public 5G network took place last month in a collaboration between BT and University Hospitals Birmingham.
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Cleveland Clinic researchers use AI to personalise radiation therapy

Cleveland Clinic and Siemens Healthcare researchers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the success rate of radiation therapy for cancer patients and reduce the side effects.
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Researchers use Alexa and Google Home to detect cardiac arrest

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a tool that uses Amazon Alexa or Google Home to monitor people for cardiac arrest while they’re asleep without touching them.
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ClearSky and Shimmer bring clinical analytics to wearables

UK firm ClearSky Medical Diagnostics has forged a partnership with Dublin-based Shimmer Research – a provider of wearable wireless sensing– to bring more analytic capabilities to the use of wearable sensors in clinical research.
Read full article>> video analytics transform medical devices, an Israeli provider of ready-to-use AI-powered apps, has released a series of non-invasive, video-based health and wellness monitors to improve analytics. Its technology can transform a device equipped with a simple camera into a medical-grade healthcare gadget.
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