IoT Solutions for Water Management

Date December 14, 2017
Time 11 AM EST (16:00 GMT)

Event Detail

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new solutions for improving water management to ensure we use this precious resource as efficiently as possible. Further, comprehensive water management strategies can reduce water costs by up to 20%, which has a real impact on cities. Since many cities rely on aging infrastructure, IoT also presents opportunities to reduce operational expenses around construction, maintenance, and more.

In this webcast, Scott McCarley, Senior Director of Solution Management at PTC, and Laurie Reynolds, Managing Director at AquamatiX, will discuss how IoT solutions can help water utilities collect, analyze and distribute information across siloed systems. They will also explore how to monitor and deliver optimized performance for an entire system when there are a large number of assets involved.

The webcast will highlight Smart Water solutions, including:

  • Real-time access and connectivity to control equipment over leading industrial protocols
  • Flow and pressure monitoring of distribution lines
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance, including anomaly detection
  • Asset monitoring and supply chain optimization
  • AR capabilities to better visualize operational data

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Scott McCarley, Sr. Director of Solution Management , PTC

At PTC Scott is focused on Smart Cities which includes Power, Water, Buildings and City Services. For the past 3 years Scott has worked with ThingWorx partners and customers in the city space as part of the ThingWorx Product Management and Solution Management teams. Scott has over 15 years of software management experience in roles ranging from software development to leading marketing departments. Scott holds a M.B.A in Marketing and Strategy from Carnegie Mellon and a B.A. from Colby College.

Laurie Reynolds, Managing Director, Aquamatix

Laurie Reynolds is a Chartered Systems Engineer; he spent 30 years with Thames Water, the largest water utility in UK, as an automation and asset management specialist. Projects included the London Water Control Centre and Ring Main which transformed the supply of water to London from a manual intensive process with high losses and inefficiency, to a demand-driven, automated process coordinated from a state-of-the art control center. Over 3000 flow and pressure sensors were installed throughout London and the Thames Valley monitoring the distribution network, the project won a water industry innovation award for pressure and leakage management. Laurie also managed the delivery of a program to automate 350 wastewater treatment plants and 750 wastewater pumping stations, and automation of one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Europe.
Subsequent to Thames Water he worked as a consultant in pumping, pipelines and process optimization, and Technical Director of a new start-up company developing a unique model-based condition monitoring system for critical motor-driven applications such as pumps. He was also responsible for development of asset management and standards for critical power systems in a major UK telecommunications company.

He set up Aquamatix in 2011 to complete the work he began in Thames to try to introduce reusable, modular, reusable standard software for water management. This led to a position where he recognized the potential of Internet of Things in 2012 and developed the WaterWorX platform which is Aquamatix’s flagship SaaS service.