Connectivity RFP Sample

Table of Contents for Template RFP for IoT Connectivity Services

Confidentiality Notice 

1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Company Background 

1.2 Summary of Requirements 

1.3 Expectations from this RFP 

1.4 RFP Criteria and Timescales 


2.0 Statement of Purpose 2.1 Objective of the RFP 

2.2 Business Case Supporting this RFP 

2.3 Schedule of Service Rollout 

2.4 Forecasts 

2.5 Technical Requirements 

2.6 Device Connectivity Details 

2.7 Environmental Requirements 


3.0 Supplier (Bidder) Profile 3.1 History & Market Experience 

3.2 Financial Stability 

3.3 Supplier Five- year Roadmap 

3.4 Professional Services support 


4.0 Connectivity Supplier Service Offerings 4.1 Technology 

4.2 Services 

4.3 Commercial 

4.4 Security 


5.0 Proposal Submission Guidelines 5.1 General Instructions 

5.2 Presentation of Responses 5.2.1 Technical Responses 

5.2.2 Commercial Responses 

5.2.3 Project Plan to Implement 


6.0 Selection Criteria 6.1 Evaluation Process 6.1.1 Technical 

6.1.2 Financial 


7.0 General Terms and Conditions 7.1 Payment Incentives & Penalties 

7.2 Contractual Terms & Conditions 

7.3 Process Schedule 


Addendum & Referenced Documents

Excerpt from Template RFP for IoT Connectivity Services

4.1 Technology

Please provide detailed descriptions on the technical functionality of the network underpinning your connectivity services, these to include the following Evaluation Criteria as guidance but the responder is invited to include additional information as appropriate.

Excerpt from Template RFP for IoT Connectivity Services

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