Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Scalable IoT Platform and M2M Connectivity Solutions

Scalable IoT Platform and M2M Connectivity Solutions
- presented by IMC

January 11
1:00 - 4:30 pm
Westgate, Pavilion, 9

Deploying IoT can be simpler by using available tools, asking suppliers key questions and putting the focus on unique requirements. This track covers methods in sourcing and managing technologies at the heart of your project, the latest in cost-effective connectivity, and critical security concerns.

Top Three Topics:

  • An in-depth look at how to build and manage cost-effective and reliable IoT services
  • Can traditional cellular networks compete with emerging wireless technologies?
  • IoT-M2M security challenges, and solutions

Session 1: Deploying IoT Platforms - What You Need to Know
Request for Proposal (RFP) workshop leveraging a 'template' developed with input from numerous vendors and users. Covering device management, connectivity, analytics, and integration, this session taps the collective knowledge of best practices, and tools to adapt RFP requirements.


Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder and CEO, Beecham Research


Volkhard Bregulla, VP, Global Sales, Manufacturing, Automotive and IoT, HPE

John Keever, Chief Technology Officer, Telit IoT Platforms, Telit

Keith Shea, VP and General Manager, Helix Cloud Solutions, Wind River

Stephen Szabo, Executive Director, Technology, Verizon Wireless

Session 2: How Does LP-WAN Stack Up Against 'Traditional' Connectivity?
Data-intensive services such as video may need to run on 4G-LTE for broad coverage, while growing numbers of new IoT deployments are finding cost savings with Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN). This session will explore the impact of emerging wireless access technologies for WANs, Metro Networks, Smart Cities, and Smart Buildings.


Joel Young, Founder, IoT Advisors


Justin Blair, Executive Dir, Product Management & Dev, Verizon Wireless

Bob Gessel, Head of Network and Technology Strategy, North America, Ericsson

Bill Kramer, VP, Advanced Technology, Kore

Ajay Rane, Global Head, IoT Ecosystem Development, Sigfox

David Smith, Sr. VP, Engineering & Innovation, MultiTech

Session 3: End-to-End M2M Security Solutions
If there's one thing you can say about digital security, it may be 'stay current.' Using real world examples, we ask security experts for guidance on protective and proactive measures, as well as insights into emerging blockchain IoT solutions.


Gerry Christiansen, Founder and CEO, Wireless Waypoint


John Brzozowski, machineQ Fellow, Head of Engineering, Comcast

Reed Hinkel, Sr. Manager, Embedded Security Market Development, Arm, Inc.

Syed Z Hosain, CTO & Founder, Aeris Communications, Inc.