Logistics: Asset Tracking Services

Leveraging Next-Gen IoT for Automation of Silo Monitoring and Management

LvLogics provides accurate and reliable silo levels as-a-service to end users, distributors and manufacturers of animal feeds, wood pellets or any solids or semi-solids. The patented solution enables low-cost sensors to be used in dusty environments and solves the issue of constant maintenance, manual workflows and unreliability due to dust in an aggressive environment.

Leveraging Next-Gen IoT for Equine Welfare and Performance

The Horseware Ireland Horsepal Edge is a market-leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the equestrian industry and represents the next generation in the Horsepal series. The Horsepal Edge enables a “connected horse,” allowing health, activity and behavior to be monitored in real time. The Horsepal Edge ensures professional knowledge to optimize the wellness and performance of the horse through evaluation and management of activity, rest, sleep and environment.

GPS tracking helps Scouts to explore safely

The Scout Association takes every precaution possible to ensure that the young people in their care are as safe as possible. In order to provide the young people with an extra layer of safety, West Lancs Scouts wanted to provide them with small GPS tracking devices to carry while they undertook certain navigation activities.

Adventure race GPS tracking

The Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) is the ultimate in extreme team sport, encompassing several endurance disciplines including navigation, running, canoeing and cycling. Mixed teams of four must find the fastest way to negotiate between 500 and 700 km of challenging terrain. Adventure racing is probably just as far from a cozy workspace as you can get, but it is in these extreme environments that the Trileuco team flourish.

Golf course intelligence software

Traditionally, teams of marshals on a golf course would manage the flow of play and ensure that golfers weren’t holding up players behind them. They would need to manually identify and locate slow groups of players, requiring time and many resources. With Tagmarshal’s system, all the information about where players are on the course and how long they are taking to complete the hole is now sent back to marshals via GPS devices.

GPS tracking solution for fleet managers

Fleet managers are in need of a reliable, easy to install GPS tracker in order to be aware of where the vehicles in their fleet are at all times. Without compromising on quality or functionality, Anytrek felt there was room in the market for their reliable, simple to install tracking systems. Anytrek pride themselves on delivering adaptable, scalable solutions to their customers, and all of their hardware and software applications are expertly designed and developed in house.

How a European Car Manufacturer is Putting The Customer First Across 60 Markets.

The car manufacturer required a partner to enable and deliver global connectivity, as well as help manage the underlying carrier networks and subscriptions that get the vehicle connected.

Tata Communications MOVE™ and IZO™ Private Cloud Brings IoT Fleet and Asset Tracking Innovation to Southeast Asia.

Providing seamless access to over six-hundred Tier 1 mobile network
operators, the Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect service offered affordable easy reach into southeast Asian target territories, along with assured mobile network availability. When twinned with IZO Private Cloud for big data storage, the Tata Communications solution was irresistible.

IoT Innovation from Neeco and Tata Communications Delivers Dynamic Logistics for International Dairy Company.

With exploding demand for IoT solutions in logistics and transportation, the Neeco and Tata Communications partnership delivers reliable and secure systemsanywhere in the world.

Enabling Remote Access Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

Implementing a remote asset monitoring solution can be challenging, but for companies in the oil and gas sector, monitoring systems are an essential part of day-to-day business. An eective solution for monitoring remote assets ensures that all systems can be constantly reviewed, updated for eciency, and continuously tracked for performance. There is no room for downtime and the monitoring solution must be foolproof.


Asset management is a cross-industry preoccupation, as the storage, moving, and maintenance of assets represents a significant cost for most businesses. Similarly, the ability to more rapidly deliver products and services to customers enables organizations in most industries to create additional value. All of that said, the optimisation of asset management and logistic flows is an important operational initiative.

IoT Industry Impact: Field Services

As world populations age, the human and economic toll of currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s grows staggering. DZNE fights these diseases using Big Data analytics, but the limitations of traditional computer systems have been a major bottleneck. Seeking a breakthrough solution, DZNE discovered HPE’s Memory Driven Computing—and saw unprecedented computational speed improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s.