Case Studies

Global service for exchanging keys and managing property access remotely

Born from the need to safely leave keys for collection by Airbnb guests at a mutually convenient location, KeyNest was founded by Marc Figueras and Florian Hoven in 2015. Realising the ever-expanding holiday rental market had no simple solution for round-the-clock, secure key exchange between owners and visitors, they devised the system that became KeyNest. From an informal “collect the keys at the local bar” strategy, an extensive network of key holding partners now exists across a dozen countries.

iBASIS eSIM technology enables network performance for the most advanced and precise sports tracking technology systems on the market

McLloyd, a key player in high performance sport technology, sought iBASIS eSIM technology to achieve unparalleled real-time monitoring in their HPv2 trackers, which are designed for real-time global broadcasting of horse races. The McLloyd trackers are used on horse saddle blankets to enable measurement of their individual performance and monitor their evolution and position during races.


The focus of this document is the critical communications network required to support a traffic management system. In traffic management, and broadly in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), municipalities are deploying an increasing variety of applications and technologies. Examples include systems support signal priority, adaptive control, travel time and congestion pricing as well as connected vehicle technology for safety on city streets.

Global, Scalable IoT Connectivity Powers Dynamic GPS Tracking Solutions

Dantracker is a modern Danish IoT company that provides comprehensive GPS tracking solutions consisting of proprietary tracking devices, a management portal, and mobile management application. With more than 25,000 trackers sold, the company is represented in 75 countries with a network of 11,000 dealers.

LBS Application Enables Safeguarding of Remote Assets and Navigation of Evolving Regulatory Landscapes

The new global economy is more complex, intertwined, and regulated than ever before. In this new data-driven society, businesses are increasingly demanding highly customisable products and services that solve unique business challenges, offer long term value, and satisfy localised needs. As a result, service providers are adopting revenue models that help penetrate these emerging markets and uncover opportunities, leading to the “servitisation” of goods – a concept in which tangible products are offered on subscription basis rather than discreet one-off sales. By focusing on these offerings, service providers are able to position their value-chains inline with broader market requirements. With that said, implementing these types of services requires thoughtful planning, careful allocation of resources, and a holistic technology approach capable of extracting value across the organisation.

Three Ways IoT Is Driving Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In this eBook, we will explore the many ways that IoT is helping logistics’ organisations remain competitive in this rapidly changing industry, focusing on:
• Optimising Transportation
• Enhancing Inventory and Warehouse Efficiencies
& Improving Shipment Visibility
• Automating Predictive Maintenance

The Aeris Mobility Suite for Automotive OEMs

Aeris provides end-to-end connected vehicle technology and has more than a decade of experience deploying complex, global programs for the world’s largest auto OEMs. Today, our groundbreaking technology scales to more than 25 million new vehicles per year.

Aeris Fusion IoT Network Delivering Unparalleled Service and Reliability to Trucking Fleets

Long-haul fleet management providers require onboard computing and carrier fleet communications to deliver better business outcomes. On-board solutions require highly reliable, real-time, alwayson cellular network connectivity, which might require multiple carriers, to meet the needs of fleet customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mitsubishi Motors and Aeris: Technology for the Connected Car

Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) continues to lead the way in the development of highly efficient, affordably priced new gasoline-powered automobiles, while using its industry-leading knowledge in battery-electric vehicles to develop future electric and plug-in hybrid electric models.

C&D Mechanical Inc.: Industrial Plumbing

In less than a year’s time, C&D spent more than $20,000 to replace ProPress systems; which are tools used to connect pipes for commercial plumbing installations. The business needed an asset tracking system to monitor the use and location of these valuable company resources. An effective solution also needed to track the number of tools in circulation and the length of time out in order to minimize time in transit or inventory.

GAINING THE POWER TO RISE Fenix International + Aeris Provide Affordable, Clean Energy to African Nations

Today, more than half of all households across Africa do not have access to any form of energy. This translates to more than 600 million people currently do not have electricity.

The Importance of Location Data for Enterprise Operations

A recent study of the importance of real time location data for different types of enterprises (Location Intelligence Market Study, January 2019) shows that, among other findings in other sectors, 70% of telecommunications companies consider location intelligence to be critical to their success. Of all the enterprises in the study, representing a broad range of different business sectors and applications for which the data is used, an average of 66% ranked location intelligence as either critical or very important to their ongoing revenue growth strategies. Less than 5% considered it unimportant.