Case Studies

Industrial plants use the newest protocols, IoT gateways and sensors to increase safety and improve plant efficiency

Opening or shutting a valve seems like a straightforward task, until that
valve is placed in an industrial environment, surrounded by chemicals,
machinery, high heat and dangerous equipment. In such an environment,
making a mistake can be disastrous. Thankfully, new communication
protocols and sensors are now available, eliminating the risk of mistakes by
hands-on workers performing more dangerous day-to-day operations
within industrial plants worldwide

SMS WorldWide’s Disaster Communication System Powered by MultiTech

In times of crisis, maintaining communication between individuals is vital. With this awareness in mind, SMS WorldWide went to work in 1999 to develop the rst major incident text communication system to handle emergency communication management needs. The system required a no-fault text messaging foundation. Regardless of any and all conditions, it was imperative that messages within the system could be successfully transmitted from a desktop, laptop or tablet computer to any cell phone on any network worldwide. Failure within the system was unacceptable.

Pervasive Vehicle-2-Anything Connectivity Enables Safe, Engaging Rally Racing Experience

Over the past decade, a surge in rally sport competition has resulted in greater incidences of injury, fatalities, and property damage. In an attempt to mitigate these risks, regulators and rally industry representatives are taking steps to rewrite many of the procedures, requirements, and rules currently on the books. This includes firming up team and vehicle licensing requirements, mandating the use of specialised safety equipment, and requiring the latest integrated in-vehicle GPS and communication technologies.

How a European Car Manufacturer is Putting The Customer First Across 60 Markets.

The car manufacturer required a partner to enable and deliver global connectivity, as well as help manage the underlying carrier networks and subscriptions that get the vehicle connected.

Tata Communications MOVE™ and IZO™ Private Cloud Brings IoT Fleet and Asset Tracking Innovation to Southeast Asia.

Providing seamless access to over six-hundred Tier 1 mobile network
operators, the Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect service offered affordable easy reach into southeast Asian target territories, along with assured mobile network availability. When twinned with IZO Private Cloud for big data storage, the Tata Communications solution was irresistible.

IoT Innovation from Neeco and Tata Communications Delivers Dynamic Logistics for International Dairy Company.

With exploding demand for IoT solutions in logistics and transportation, the Neeco and Tata Communications partnership delivers reliable and secure systemsanywhere in the world.

Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect Network Sets Omate Free To Storm Rapidly Expanding Worldwide Wearables Market.

Choosing the MOVE™ IoT Connect infrastructure from Tata
Communications has not only given Omate choice over 600+
mobile network operators, but also enabled over-the-air
downloads to the virtual SIMs embedded in its products.

IoT in Healthcare: Three Key Approaches to Transforming Patient Care

IoT is becoming a disruptive factor in the Healthcare industry – a statement that is agreed upon by 73% of healthcare executives12. A market that is expected to grow to €139B by 202213, healthcare IoT provides the technologies needed to automate, enhance, and mobilise legacy medical processes and solutions, truly transforming and improving the ways that patient care is delivered.

IoT Solutions Enable Operational Transformation

Having been in business for more than 25 years, TRACKER recently began an operational transformation to improve process efficiencies, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and ultimately set the stage for strategic growth plans.

Crossing to Safety

There is no room for error when implementing a school flasher system that helps children safely cross the road to school. RTC Manufacturing, Inc., the largest supplier of school zone equipment in the world, has been helping kids do just that and more since 1987. Its industry leading zone flasher system provides an ecient solution for students and drivers to get where they need to be, unharmed.

Enabling Remote Access Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

Implementing a remote asset monitoring solution can be challenging, but for companies in the oil and gas sector, monitoring systems are an essential part of day-to-day business. An eective solution for monitoring remote assets ensures that all systems can be constantly reviewed, updated for eciency, and continuously tracked for performance. There is no room for downtime and the monitoring solution must be foolproof.

Marshall Electric’s Latest Advance into Industrial IoT

When Marshall Electric, a locally owned Industrial Automation and SCADA provider in Southern Illinois, needed to convert their existing SMS-only remote monitoring stations to newer technology, they knew they needed a partner whose products could handle anything, anywhere. Marshall Electric was looking to incorporate human machine interface (HMI), IoT devices, and smartphones all on a single system that was trustworthy enough for critical applications.