Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things


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Why was the IoT vision so drastically wrong?

I have never been a big fan of predictions. Most strike me as resulting from a few back-of-envelope calculations combined with a knowledge of what the industry is expecting to hear. And I say that with a certain authority as I was involved in calculating predications for the electronics industry for a magazine I worked for in the 1980s.

Barriers to 5G Rollout

While 5G has the potential to open up many exciting new possibilities in the world of IoT there are currently a number of barriers to its rollout. What is it that’s standing in the way of widespread 5G coverage?

We need vision to walk the road to future smart cities

Maybe it is time to cut through the hype about smart cities and look at what the technologies being developed can actually do and achieve. But, for that to happen, vision is needed, and thus I was very pleased to see Ryan McGee (pictured), a director at Ford Motor in China, providing exactly that during this month’s Automotive World conference in Tokyo.