Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things


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When is a shop not a shop?

Last week, I had an unusual retail experience; I went into a shop that doesn’t sell anything. This was a proper bricks-and-mortar shop run by Samsung in a revitalised development area behind King’s Cross railway station in London.

The idea behind the 1900m2 retail space in the Coal Drops Yard shopping mall is to demonstrate the Korean tech giant’s IoT technology with everything from smart homes to connected cars. I was given a personal demonstration by Benedict Adu Omiri (pictured) of a smart dashboard that could find its way into real on-road vehicles sooner than many may think.

Smartening London’s financial district, bit by bit

I must admit, I found watching a guy standing in the middle of the street in the City of London using a mobile phone to dim and brighten the streetlights a little disconcerting. OK, I knew the guy was Alex Upton, one of the city’s electrical engineers, but I couldn’t help but thinking that this is just an app on a mobile phone.

What if someone else downloaded the same app and managed to get the log-in details? They could cause chaos. I was assured that the necessary security was in place to stop this, but I was unconvinced, especially when Giles Radford, highway manager for the city, admitted that nothing could be totally secure.