Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Section: All Manufacturing/Fabrication Case Studies
Case Studies: M2M App 1st Place with Aercloud

Health Traxx is a mobile smart phone app as well as a web app, that allows you to monitor your activityfrmo your smart phone. The app leverages a GPS tracker, an accelerometer, a microphone, and a heat sensor, collecting all activity data and sending it through Aeris Communication’s AerCloud platform, where it is then analyzed and sent to the Health Traxx web application.
Leica’s Goal: Deliver Superlative Support to Farmers with “Always-On” Service to Tractor Equipment
Case Study: Superlative Support to Farmers with "Always-On" Service to Tractor Equipment
Leica Geosystems provides steering systems for tractors in remote fields. Farmers needed a consistent and reliable cellular connection, even when their tractors went into poorly covered areas. Aeris' wireless modems ensured connection to the best cellular connection available, assuring continual guidance hence making farmers more productive. Aeris's management portal afforded Leica with visibility to all its in-field devices.
Case Study: Reliable Cellular Coverage from Factory to Farm
GeoSteer is an auto-steering solution for broad acre and row crops. Its integrated cellular modem, powered by Aeris Communications, enables GeoSteer remote, real-time service and accuracy to sub-inch accuracy.
Leica GeoSystem
Aeris is a vital part of our business. This solution has put us in the forefront, at the cutting edge of the whole cellular technology and the ability for data transfer. Everyone else is catching up to us, but with the help of Aeris, we've been in the forefront for at least the last five years.
Case Study: Essence Smart Living
Essence’s IoT connected living solutions require the use of robust and flexible cellular communications, both as primary and backup channels in its three lines of business. All our m2m home product suites rely on cellular communications to transmit varying amounts of critical data to service providers and end-users.
Case Study: Go cellular with a VPN Router
Robustel is an innovative company that focuses on providing robust access gateways for the IoT/m2m industry. Our products include: an Industrial Cellular Router, Gateway, Modem and m2m Cloud. We have ISO 9001:2008 certification and these products are widely used in mission critical scenarios. Our reference portfolio includes 20 operator partners and Fortune 500 worldwide customers.
Case Study: Monitoring Weather Stations for the Mining Industry
Io-sat specializes in providing solutions that join processes in extreme zones with headquarters systems for control and automation. A mining company with production sites in South America was not satisfied with its existing satellite options; the company's satellite solution was unstable, the cost of data retrieval severely limiting transmissions from weather stations. Working with io-sat, the company developed a solution that offers total visibility of weather conditions in South America, using SkyWave's IsatData Pro satellite terminal. Analysts now have both real-time and historical weather data at a lower cost; reduced power consumption means fewer solar panels are required, too. Io-sat has been able to offer the solution to other businesses and industries, as well.
Case Study: Simplot Grower Solutions Optimizes Equipment Use with Network Fleet
Simplot Grower Solutions is a full service California agricultural retailer and wholesaler of fertilizers, chemicals, seed, and a variety of on-farm services and maintains a fleet of 264 vehicles. Delivering fertilizer and pesticides requires most of its fleet to be on the road at any time. The inability to locate trucks sometimes caused trucks to pick up pesticides from the same location six to seven times per day. After an exhaustive analysis of GPS tracking solutions, Simplot chose Verizon NetworkFleet, based on cost and ROI. Using NetworkFleet, Simplot has reduced idle time, miles driven, and idle costs, while creating better routing.
Case Study: Gerber Technology Provides Intelligent Smart Services for Proactive Support with Axeda
Gerber Technology, whose integrated hardware and software systems support automation in manufacturing, upgraded its service delivery model GERBERconnect through Axeda ServiceLink. This enabled the rapid identification of problems, reduction of downtime and increased productivity at customer sites. In-depth knowledge gained about its products allowed Gerber to improve its products and train its workforce.
Case Study: ETwater deploys smart control solutions on Numerex Networx
Water scarcity, residential overuse of water, and related pollutant run-off have led California to create regulations requiring the use of smart irrigation controllers. ETWater initially attempted to connect its irrigation control systems to ISPs via landlines but found landline availability limited. Working with Numerex, ETwater was able to provide services to its customers using cellular modems and Numerex's M2M network, providing a cost-effective and ubiquitous solution that also reduced labor costs through the advanced remote diagnostics enabled by the Numerex solution.