Frequently Asked Questions

The IMC has three levels of basic membership…

  1. Adopter Membership: this is for individuals that qualify for membership as IoT buyers (not vendors). They pay no fee, but join the IMC to gain access to our nine vertical-market content channels and IoT Library. In exchange for this access, they provide the IMC with extensive, tabulate-able demographic information. This membership is kept up-to-date at roughly 25,000 members through a weekly qualification/curation process, which is all in-bound, opt-in, and GDPR compliant.
  2. Sustaining Membership: this is for companies that provide IoT solutions, which join the IMC to gain exclusive access to its Adopter Membership for purposes of Thought Leadership, Lead Generation, Promotion and Research. These companies pay a fee that functions much like an annual subscription, and is segmented based on the size of your company (number of employees).
  3. Affiliate Membership: this is for market watchers that do not participate directly in the IoT sector, such as analysts, consultants, vertical-market associations, and trade-event organizers. These groups typically barter for limited access to IMC content and/or benefits in a joint marketing agreement.

All levels of IMC membership require review for acceptance from IMC staff, a process that can take up

No. Access to IMC Adopter Membership is generally available only to IMC Sustaining Member companies. Affiliate Members of the IMC also are sometimes offered limited access to the rank-and-file membership in barter arrangements via joint marketing agreements.

The IMC is a trade association that does not generally get involved with either technical standards or technology test-beds. While these efforts are important, there are plenty of industry groups working on them. The mission of the IMC has been to bring IoT technology buyers and sellers together at scale to accelerate deployment of the technology. It is the opinion of the IMC that technical standards bodies and test-bed groups are comprised primarily of vendors talking to each other, whereas the IMC accepts as its mission the education and integration of IoT Adopters (buyers). We do not require any kind of sensitive Intellectual Property on the part of our Sustaining Member companies, nor do we require significant engineering resources from their staff.

The IMC is the exclusive IoT Infrastructure partner for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organized by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas in January of every year – the world’s largest event for businesses that produce consumer technologies like automobiles, housewares, medical devices, drones, robots, and more. The IMC is also the IIoT infrastructure partner for Hannover Messe – the world’s largest event for manufacturing technologies, including actuators/sensors, in-factory energy systems, supply-chain solutions. At both live events, the IMC organizes an entire week of programming that includes an exhibition pavilion, a conference program, publicity events, and networking events. 

The IMC also organizes its own online events in the form of entire conferences and single webinars. In September of 2020 the group will organize its first “IoT Days” conference, with four days of online programming covering both consumer and industrial IoT subjects. A regular schedule of webinars is provided to IMC Sustaining Member Companies for their participation through the year. IMC online events are known for their very highly engaged audiences of it rank-and-file Adopter Membership – qualified as buyers (not sellers). Our most recent event as of this writing drew over 700 registrants, and 74% of them identified as byers of IoT solutions.

This is the collected assembly of the group’s content, including use-cases, news articles, white papers, and blog entries. It is available to qualifying IMC Sustaining and Adopter Members via the IMC website, including as a searchable database (“The Knowledge Center”).

The IoT Readiness Calculator is a software widget that is available on the IMC website, and available to IMC Sustaining companies for use on their own websites. The Calculator allows users to define their own needs via a series of in-depth questions about their own organization and needs. Uniquely, the Calculator determines their individual IoT Readiness, but also shows them how they compare to others in the same vertical markets. IMC Sustaining companies that deploy the Calculator on their own websites can take advantage of the opt-in, GDPR-compliant lead generation it provides.

All Sustaining companies are conferred a seat on the IMC Board of Governors. The IMC provides Thought Leadership by convening as a committee-of-the-whole roughly every six weeks via teleconference, as well as in-person at major industry events (CES, Mobile World Congress, Hannover Messe, etc.). We also provide speaking opportunities at major events (see above) and allow Sustaining companies to post content on our website with direct links to their own sites. All IMC correspondence carries the branding of its Sustaining Member companies. Most importantly, IMC Sustaining companies are allowed to provide direction to the entire IoT sector by determining the projects that the group will undertake.

The IMC is the largest community of qualified IoT buyers that we know of, and as such, provides a unique platform to gather leads for IoT solutions providers. The IMC’s standing programs include live events, online conferences and webinars, and the IoT Readiness Calculator, all of which provide marketing-qualified leads. (IMC events routinely draw audiences comprised of 70%-plus buyers, as opposed to sellers and others.) Additionally, the IMC Membership Directory allows Sustaining companies to find individual Adopter Members by company or name, and to communicate with those Adopters on an individual basis.

The IMC provides exclusive promotional opportunities to its Sustaining companies in the form of sponsorship at its events, advertising in its push-content channels and on its website, and postings on its social media groups. Most of these opportunities are including in the basic Sustaining Membership.

The IMC provides its Sustaining Membership with a quarterly report on IoT buying patterns, called the Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index. The report includes statistically relevant data on buying plans, size of deployments, types of vendors engaged, types of connectivity, and more. The IMC also provides a platform for Sustaining companies to do their own research on an ad hoc, custom basis – it those companies want to put questions in front of 25,000 IoT buyers, we make it happen.