Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

5G Connectivity for IoT

August 22, 2019
11am ET

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5G IoT: the "Highway" for AI Applications
Industrial autonomous vehicles, smart in-home appliances, and robotics are areas where AI is being broadly deployed today, while newer applications like key-fob security and facial-recognition technology threaten to become ubiquitous. These applications share one thing in common – they generate huge amounts of data with incumbent requirements for latency, coverage, and more. 5G networks will be one cornerstone in the proliferation of AI, and this webinar will illustrate how 5G supports AI, provide examples of the latest applications, and give an update on the state of "5G Readiness" at major telcos.


Scott Nelson, Vice President of Product, Digi International
Mr. Nelson joined Digi in October 2017 as Vice President of Product and is responsible for directing the company’s vision, strategy, and product roadmaps in collaboration with Research and Development, Sales, and Operations. Mr. Nelson was most recently Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at SkyWater Technology Foundry, where he led strategy, growth, and new-offering development. As CEO and CTO of Reuleaux Technology, LLC, Mr. Nelson advised companies on strategies and new-business development in IoT markets. Previously, Mr. Nelson spent more than 15 years with Logic PD, ultimately rising to CTO and Executive Vice President of Enterprise Growth.