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Siemens acquires Aimsun to grow intelligent transport business

Siemens is planning to acquire Aimsun, a software company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, that specialises in intelligent traffic systems (ITS).
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AT&T bring smart city services to Playa del Carmen

AT&T is helping turn Mexican tourist destination Playa del Carmen into a smart city.
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Ford tests collaborative parking in Milton Keynes

Ford is testing collaborative parking technology on the streets and car parks of Milton Keynes in the UK with the aim of finding ways to reduce the stress of searching for elusive empty bays in busy car parks.
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CES becomes gathering point for IoT buyers

Audits of attendees to the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas indicate that the event has become one of the world's largest gathering points for IoT buyers, according to the IoT M2M Council (IMC).
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Smart city value to top $2tn by 2025, says Frost & Sullivan

Smart cities are anticipated to create huge business opportunities with a market value of over $2tn by 2025, according to market watcher Frost & Sullivan.
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Columbus adopts Bluetooth connected city network

Columbus in Ohio has become the second city to use New York digital communications start-up Loud-Hailer’s connected city network, a non-beacon based Bluetooth Low Energy proximity discovery and engagement system.
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Parkopedia and Parkeon combine on- and off-street parking data

Two smart city parking service providers have joined forces. UK-based Parkopedia is working with French firm Flowbird, formerly known as Parkeon, to provide on- and off-street parking data.
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Singapore launches smart city database based on blockchain

A decentralised smart city database based on blockchain technology has been introduced in Singapore. Circle+ was created by Singapore's SGCN forum using a blockchain technology transformation.
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UK government seeks city to test 5G services

The UK government plans to create a 5G city in a multi-million pound trial of high-speed connectivity to pave the way for a future rollout of 5G across the country.
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