Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things



Low-Power, Low-Cost Connectivity Options Proliferate

June 29, 2017


Battery life and connection costs are often key success factors for IoT deployments, and the number of options for low-power, low-cost connections is exploding. LP-WAN initiatives like Sigfox, LoRa, and Ingenu are gaining more than foothold in IoT market, while cellular carriers are ready to introduce narrow-band solutions of their own. This session will cover the new low-power connectivity landscape.

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Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers - What They Mean for IoT

August 3, 2017

New database architectures are the leading edge in IoT/M2M security, and offer great promise for secure online transactions. It started with Bitcoin, but has broad implications for IoT, which required that transaction could not be altered retroactively. This session will discuss the concept of distributed ledgers, and how they can be used in IoT applications.

Using IoT Data at the Edge, Where it's Needed

August 31, 2017

McKinsey & Co. have estimated that only 1% of IoT data ever actually gets used. One solution to this is to avoid so-called "data lakes" architectures where pools of unused data are collected, and instead opting for distributed intelligence at the network's edge. This session will look at the latest advances in machine-learning for IoT applications, emphasizing auto-correction and predictive analysis.

IoT Software: Basic Components of the Platform

October 26, 2017

As the number of software options for deploying connecting devices multiplies, those platforms offer more than simply connectivity management. This session will look at the basic components of an end-to-end software platform, including the basic database, connectivity, device management, rule-based process management, analytics, and other tools software brings to bear.

Wearables Affect Healthcare, Retail, Smart Homes, Agribiz, More

December 7, 2017

Advances in integrated circuits and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are making wearable technology more functional every day. Already broadly used for consumer wellness, new wearable technology will allow for medical-grade reporting, location-based marketing services, and home systems integration - this session will cover the likely trends.

Open-Source Blockchain - the IoT Industry Responds to Hacking

January, 2018

There are a flurry of industry initiatives to apply blockchain and related distributed ledger architectures to IoT/M2M applications, including Openchain, Hyperledger, and Multichain, to name just a few. While looking at how the top four accounting firms and other financial institutions blaze trails, this session will cover cross-market initiatives to apply the new technology to industry.

Satellite Connectivity Poised for an IoT Breakout?

February, 2018

Satellite connectivity for IoT/M2M deployments has long been a pillar of the ecosystem, especially in applications where truly ubiquitous coverage and reliability outweighed most cost concerns. However, new service offerings that integrate satellite connectivity, nanosatellite networks that lower costs, and new antennae technology are all combining to expand the footprint of satellite in the IoT sector.