Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Current Projects


  IoT Content Library

The IMC’s library of IoT related content includes tens of case studies, white papers, and newsletter articles – it is currently the largest collection of content that emphasizes business results covering the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communications at any non-commercial website, and it continues to grow. Access to some of the IMC’s content is restricted to its membership, but we encourage both members and non-members to contribute content. If you have non-commercial content of any kind relating to the IoT/M2M sector that you would like to see posted on this site, please contact us at

  IoT/M2M Outreach Programme

The IMC has recruited over 20,000 Adopter Members – that is, associates interested in deploying M2M technology – on six continents. Early recruitment efforts have concentrated on the vertical-market sectors of energy, healthcare, and logistics – the IMC publishes vertical-market newsletters, case studies, and white papers covering these sectors from and IoT/M2M business perspective. The IMC plans to expand into the retail, building/construction, and public infrastructure, with additional publications and a targeted inbound marketing programme in Asia, Europe, and North America.

  Adopter Member Research

The IMC tallies extensive demographic information on all of its more than 20,000 Adopter Members, and two rounds of early quantitative research – restricted to vertical-market sectors of energy, healthcare, and logistics – has already shown that most IoT executives self-identify as “operations”, and that their chief concern is device/network security – further research is planned for later in 2014 and beyond. This research is available to IMC members only. [Note: Adopter Member contact information is not shared in conducting this research, in keeping with the IMC’s privacy policy, available here]

  IoT/M2M Business Curriculum

Quantitative research being conducted among IMC Adopter Members is expected to yield a set of objective benchmarks for IoT deployments. In turn, these benchmarks will be compiled into a clear-cut set of business best-practices – not to be confused with technical standards. The IMC will work with curriculum developers to formulate a specific business course of study for the IoT/M2M sector, and ultimately promote this as a certification programme for companies and/or individuals.

  IMC Event Programme

The IMC plans to participate in a number of trade events in 2017 – all will be in keeping with the organisation’s mission of proving the business case for IoT. Some of these events will involve vertical-market sectors that are important to the industry, some will concern technology platforms that will make the business case more viable, and some will be primarily targeted at establishing channel relationships for IMC Members. Please see the home page for a list of planned, upcoming events.