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Honda, GM to build new autonomous vehicle

Honda has joined self driving company Cruise and its parent company General Motors to build a new autonomous vehicle from the ground up. The new car will be purpose built as an autonomous vehicle and designed for mass use worldwide
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Toyota, SoftBank JV for new self driving services
Toyota Motor Corp and technology firm and investor SoftBank Group are partnering to develop new self driving car services. The two companies will jointly develop a platform to operate self driving vehicles
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Hyundai invests in human intuition AI for cars
Hyundai has invested self driving AI start-up Perceptive Automata. The Massachusetts based start-up develops software that aims to give autonomous vehicles the ability to understand humans' state of mind and intent, including those of pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists
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Volvo to install NVIDIA DRIVE in production cars
Volvo, a subsidiary of Chinese auto maker Geely, has chosen the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier computer for its next generation of vehicles, with production starting early 2020s
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Octo opts for Orange global IoT device management
Octo Telematics has expanded its contract with Orange Business Services. The new contract will provide a single global IoT connectivity platform for Octo to manage its connected users, and allow autonomous management of a large fleet of IoT devices
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Changi adopts Vuzix smart glasses for aircraft loading
Asian airport services provider SATS is adopting Vuzix smart glasses and AR tech to outfit ramp handling at Changi Airport in Singapore. The airport services provider has placed an order for $1 million for the commercial version of Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses
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Veoneer automotive "supercomputer"

Veoneer has developed an "automotive supercomputer" for Level 4 autonomous driving. The "Zeus Supercomputer" is based Zenuity's autonomous driving software stack and the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier running NVIDIA's DRIVE OS
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Swift centimetre accurate GNSS for cars
Swift Navigation has launched a GNSS positioning engine for vehicles that has centimetre accuracy and cloud based correctioning
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