Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Case Studies



CASE STUDY: EnergyICT uses the Wyless IoT platform to deliver remote energy consumption monitoring solutions.

EnergyICT is a leading provider of energy and meter data management solutions with over 17 years' experience producing quality hardware and software to measure, log, transmit and store data from multiple sites and in various sectors - from railway and industrial companies to retail and commercial businesses.

Case Study: M2M Connectivity Simplifies Safety Operations in School Districts Across America

TC has been in the business of helping students get to school safely since 1987. School districts across America use flashing warning-signals, known as "flashers" to school personnel, in school zones to alert drivers at times of the day when children will likely be present. Typically school flasher time schedules are individually updated manually for every school by a school district employee. School flasher times vary throughout the year based on the school calendar. If an unexpected early dismissal or weather event alters the schedule, then the flashers need to be updated with a hand-programmed schedule update, or switched on manually. This requires a significant effort due to the large number of flashers typically present in a school district.

CASE STUDY: Helping consolidate multiple vendor relationships into one

Recognizing that traditional wired lines are not available in all areas, HOA Technology decided that cellular network connectivity would be the best secondary option, providing unrivaled flexibility for remote install locations. The HOA Technology team pursued direct relationships with a handful of Mobile Network Operators, resulting in multiple contracts, all managed separately.


Health Traxx is a mobile smart phone app as well as a web app, that allows you to monitor your activityfrmo your smart phone. The app leverages a GPS tracker, an accelerometer, a microphone, and a heat sensor, collecting all activity data and sending it through Aeris Communication’s AerCloud platform, where it is then analyzed and sent to the Health Traxx web application.

Case Study: One of the fastest growing and most innovative health club brands in the USA

Like the majority of health clubs operating in the United States, the brand runs retail and member services that are conducted almost completely in the cloud. To remain competitive in a saturated health club market, they understand that customer satisfaction and compliance to franchise policies is of utmost importance

CASE STUDY: Global Cellular Asset Tracking Delivers ROI In Action

Choosing iGPS pallets is a sophisticated choice for manufacturers. iGPS operates the world’s first pallet rental service providing shippers and receivers with lightweight, 100 percent recyclable all plastic pallets. Normally pallets undergo significant wear and tear including being dropped by forklifts, placed in the hot sun for hours on end or are left out in the rain; therefore the technology used to protect the pallets and their cargo needs to be just as rugged.

CASE STUDY: Connected Machines Provide SoloHealth a Healthy Performance Diagnosis

Solohealth’s FDA-approved health and wellness retail kiosk, the Solohealth Station, offers consumers free interactive healthcare services right where they shop. But to Solohealth, the kiosk is more than a machine; it’s an informational and educational platform that helps consumers take charge of their health. The Solohealth Station currently is installed in almost 2,500 locations (including Walmart and Sam’s Club locations) and has provided almost 10 millioncustomer interactions. Using it, customers can obtain screening information for blood pressure, vision, body-mass index, pain management, and more. The kiosk also provides a directory of local area physicians and health services by area of health concern. Finally, the kiosks offer advertising to the customer based on their specific symptoms, answers to questions, and further customized by both age and sex.

CASE STUDY: Location-Based, Real-Time Remote Monitoring for Breath Alcohol Testing

How do you build a remote alcohol tester that provides law enforcement officials all the detail they need including unsupervised breath testing, regular test results, location of device, facial recognition of user, and wireless connectivity - without being overly invasive? SCRAM Systems was faced with these issues when developing the Remote Breath device, and partnered with Numerex to develop a solution.


Datalink G5 can be used anywhere, and it is particularly well suited for remote areas like the Amazonian jungle, rural areas, deserts, mountains and polar regions. This is realized because of the ability to send information simultaneously through GSM, VHF analog and/or digital radios, and satellite. This combination guarantees that the data will be delivered.

From the early days of mileage guides and printed maps to today’s full line of navigation, routing, mileage, electronic logging and mobile fleet management solutions, Rand McNally has been a staple in vehicles for decades. For more than 75 years, the company has been delivering innovative products to the commercial transportation industry. With the release of the revolutionary TND™ 760, a complete mobile fleet management solution that has already been installed by hundreds of fleets, the company needed an M2M services partner that could help them maintain their high standard for reliability and ease of use.

CASE STUDY: Numerex Delivers Cost Savings To Large Manufacturer Via Supply Chain Optimization Solution and Network Services

A industry leading manufacturing company with multiple suppliers regularly ships containers to various manufacturing locations and to multiple supplier locations. To ensure the manufacturing process is not interrupted, containers are often required to be shipped on short notice.

CASE STUDY: RECKLESS DRIVING TO RIGHTEOUS RESULTS's Fleet Manager solution combined with Kore network has enabled Promoting Special Care and Health (PSCH), a human service agency in New York area, to provide safe transportation to disabled individuals more efficiently.


CASE STUDY: Using cellular connectivity to power monitoring solutions has proven results!

With a customer presence in 33 countries, Cartasite has a portfolio of solutions that facilitate safety, communication, data collection, and reporting. Its products and services are specifically designed for firms in natural resource industries that include operations located in some of the most remote and challenging terrains on earth.


Almerys, which processes digital medical data, wanted to add wireless communications capability to a remote monitoring trial of cardiac patients in Auvergne. The trial focused on patients' weight, a key indicator of cardiac health. Digi's Connectport X3 Wireless Gateway and Etherios Device Cloud enabled the Telehealth solution to operate out of the box from remote rural locations. The early warning capability enabled crises to be avoided and lives saved.

Case Study: Providing all bus passengers with free WiFi

A transit authority, with 203 transit buses, responsible for providing reliable transportation to residents of a Florida county. The company transports nearly 45,000 riders every day, including a large number of commuters travelling to and from school or work.