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With over 13,000 OEMs, enterprise users, and apps developers as Adopter Members, IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade association dedicated to the IoT/M2M sector.

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Bufalino Voted Chairman of Largest IoT Trade Group

London (16 December 2015): The IoT M2M Council (IMC) – a trade association promoting business development in the nascent technology sector called the Internet of Things or machine-to-machine communications – announced today that it had selected as its new chairman Alexander Bufalino, CMO of Telit, a turnkey provider of IoT technology and services.

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Picture Mixed for IoT Projects for Next 6 Months: IMC

London (20 October 2015): A quarterly survey of 140 executives that self-identify as buyers of products and services for the Internet of Things shows a mixed picture for the near-term sales of hardware, software, connectivity, and services in the nascent technology sector.

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SGE launches Digital Oil & Gas to focus IoT development, partners BP and Paradigm
GE has launched a new division devoted to IoT and digitisation of industrial infrastructure in oil and gas exploration and production.
Nokia launches centralised security for IoT network operators
The new system makes it easier and faster to configure, and deploy network security across multiple IoT configurations and services, both for carriers and other service providers
Johnson Controls and Tyco merge in Smart Buildings move

The new company is being being hailed as a potential smart buildings leader.

PTC launches industrial Augmented Reality
Building on its recently acquired Vuforia augmented reality platform, which has to date been used in consumer devices, PTC has adapted and extended Vuforia to support industrial and enterprise platforms and systems.
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Iot Content Library

The IMC offers a collection of in-depth case studies for IoT and M2M deployments, spanning the broadset possible range of verticle market applications and geographies. The Use Cases will include critical information concerning ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced revenue streams, and other tangible outcomes of deployments wherever possible, organized by vertical market categories. It is the considered opinion of the IMC Board that broader adoption of M2M technologies will be fostered by this kind of qualitative research, providing IoT and M2M Adopters with valuable lessons learned from real-life examples.


Welcome to the
M2M Council

 The IMC is a trade organization for the machine-to-machine communications industry, and it brings a new approach - it will stant for M2M as its own global  industry - it will not see M2M through the narrow lens of a single product category, nor will it see M2M solely as applied to a single vertical industry. The    IMC will strive to bring together M2M Solutions Providers and Adopters of M2M technology into a single membership organization.



IMC Featured Report

IoT Sector's Largest Market-Segmentation Study Reveals Profile and Plans of Early Adopters

IMC data, compiled from over 10,000 IoT buyers, shows that more decision-makers come from corporate operations than from IT or product design. The data also shows that certain vertical-market sectors are showing more activity than others. This report was published in the prestigious "ei" magazine from the US-based National Electrical Manufacturers Association.
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