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With over 18,000 OEMs, enterprise users, and apps developers as Adopter Members, IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade association dedicated to the IoT/M2M sector.

IoT Planners to Use Software Widget to Assess Readiness
London (7 September 2016): The IoT M2M Council (IMC), a trade group serving the nascent Internet of Things sector, has developed a software widget designed to help prepare managers for deploying connected devices in the field.
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PTC Joins IoT M2M Council to Expand Computing at the Network’s Edge
London (10 August 2016): PTC, provider of ThingWorx , one of the most widely deployed software platforms for networking remote devices in industrial applications known as the Internet of Things, has joined the trade association the IoT M2M Council, whose mission is to educate those deploying connected devices in the field.
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Ingenu joins IoT Trade Group to Expand Global Reach of LP-WAN
London (28 June 2016): Ingenu, a leader in delivering wireless connectivity to machines in the nascent technology sector known as the Internet of Things (IoT), has joined the trade association, the IoT M2M Council (IMC) to augment the footprint of its low-power, wide-area network and technology.
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Semtech Joins IoT M2M Council to Boost Business Cases with LoRaWAN Technology
London (21 June 2016): Semtech, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and provider of end-to-end solutions for low-power wide-area network (LP-WAN) connectivity known as LoRa, has joined the Board of Governors of the IoT M2M Council (IMC).
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IBM and MIT use brains for machine vision development
IBM Research has started a multi-year collaboration with the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to advance the scientific field of machine vision, a core aspect of artificial intelligence.

Intel and Telit announce industrial IoT joint architecture
Telit is collaborating with Intel on a joint-architecture for multiple IoT developer platforms for the industrial IoT.
T-Mobile offers disgruntled AT&T customers free 2G IoT service

T-Mobile hopes to cash in on AT&T’s planned closure of its 2G network at the end of the year by offering IoT customers a free 2G service to those who switch now until the end of the year.

Orbcomm stamping out illegal fishing

Orbcomm’s satellite technology is being used in the battle against illegal fishing. Global Fishing Watch is using the company’s technology to provide global satellite AIS data from commercial fishing vessels for its online platform.

U-Blox satellite technology protects India’s forests

India’s forests and wildlife are being protected by precision satellite location technology from Swiss company U-Blox.


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The IMC offers a collection of in-depth case studies for IoT and M2M deployments, spanning the broadset possible range of verticle market applications and geographies. The Use Cases will include critical information concerning ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced revenue streams, and other tangible outcomes of deployments wherever possible, organized by vertical market categories. It is the considered opinion of the IMC Board that broader adoption of M2M technologies will be fostered by this kind of qualitative research, providing IoT and M2M Adopters with valuable lessons learned from real-life examples.


 The IMC is a trade organization for the machine-to-machine communications industry, and it brings a new approach - it will stant for M2M as its own global  industry - it will not see M2M through the narrow lens of a single product category, nor will it see M2M solely as applied to a single vertical industry. The IMC will strive to bring together M2M Solutions Providers and Adopters of M2M technology into a single membership organization.


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