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With over 20,000 OEMs, enterprise users, and apps developers as Adopter Members, IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade association dedicated to the IoT/M2M sector.

IMC to Produce IoT Infrastructure Exhibit & Conference at CES 2018
London (7 September 2017): The IoT M2M Council (IMC)™ will produce the IoT Infrastructure exhibit and conference at CES® 2018, the world's largest event for the business of consumer technologies. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, which organizes the show, has tapped IMC; with 25,000 members is the largest trade group in the IoT sector, to produce the pavilion and conference.
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IoT Software RFPs, Vendor Validation to be Unveiled by IoT M2M Council
London (2 August 2017): The IoT M2M Council, with 25,000 members, the largest and fastest-growing trade association in the IoT sector, has announced a program to verify that IoT software platforms comply with open-source benchmarks that it has established. The benchmarks come in the form of a template RFP that is now available online, developed with input from major IoT software providers, such as PTC, HPE, and Intel subsidiary Wind River, as well as over 100 software users.
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IoT Career Center Launched by the IoT M2M Council
London (18 July 2017): the IoT M2M Council, with over 25,000 members the largest and fastest-growing trade in the technology sector known as the Internet of Things, announces the launch of its interactive job board, the IMC Career Center. With its focus on companies in the IoT sector, the IMC Career Center offers its members—and the embedded industries at large—an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections.
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Laird Joins IoT M2M Council for Breadth of Markets, Global Reach
London (14 June 2017): Laird PLC, one of the most influential providers of hardware, testing, and design solutions for the nascent technology sector called the "Internet of Things", has joined the IoT M2M Council, the largest and fastest-growing trade group representing the global IoT sector. Laird hopes to increase its substantial market reach with the move, and will join the IMC's Board of Governors as an industry thought leader.
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IoT Open-Source Project Crafts Software RFPs, Validates Vendors
London (11 May 2017): The largest trade organization serving the Internet of Things sector, the IoT M2M Council, has announced that it will develop RFP documents that can be used as templates to procure IoT software. The group intends to bring together its leadership committee, comprised of senior IoT buyers from Fortune 500s, with solutions providers to develop the documents in an open-source process, hosted by a wiki website. Once finished, the IMC plans to validate participating software vendors as being compliant, and to integrate lists of these solutions providers into the published RFPs.
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Recycler Joins IoT Trade Group, Sees Abandoned Devices as Opportunity
London (23 March 2017): Re-Teck, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Li Tong Group (LTG), which optimizes Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) services for technology, electronics and telecom, has already shown impressive growth, sees huge market opportunities in recycling abandoned IoT devices left in the field. To spread this message, the company has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC), with 20,000 members the largest and fastest-growing trade group serving the IoT sector, where it hopes to establish relationships with customers and channel partners. Re-Teck currently maintains major operations in USA(HQ), Hong Kong (HQ), Austria, and Brazil.
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RFPs for IoT Software Platforms Developed Via "Open-Source"
London (21 March 2017): The IoT M2M Council - the largest trade group serving the technology sector, with 20,000 IoT buyers as members - announced that it is developing a library of RFPs for IoT solutions in order to assist its membership with procurement. The first product category to be covered by these RFPs will be IoT software platforms, with plans for finished documents to be rolled out in September, and subsequent RFPs covering connectivity services, hardware, and integration services to follow quickly.
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IoT M2M Council welcomes Hewlett Packard Enterprise as new board member
LONDON, 28 February 2017: The IoT M2M Council (IMC) today announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has joined the council as a board member. The IMC is a trade association that counts as members 20,000 qualified buyers of network solutions known collectively as the "Internet of Things." HPE will take a seat on the Board of Governors of the relatively young trade association.
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MWC Americas sees live public NB-IoT demo
What is said to be the first live public NB-IoT demonstration in North America took place this week at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. This featured Minnesota-based MultiTech Systems' cellular modems based on LTE Category M1 and NB-IoT technologies.
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U-Blox and Bluvision partner on MWC Americas demo
At this week's Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco, Swiss company U-Blox featured a live NB-IoT LTE Cat NB1 demo using its Sara-R410M-02B configurable LTE Cat M1 and NB1 multi-mode module with worldwide coverage.
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IBM to invest $240m in AI research at MIT
IBM plans to make a ten-year, $240m investment to create an artificial intelligence laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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The IMC offers a collection of in-depth case studies for IoT and M2M deployments, spanning the broadset possible range of verticle market applications and geographies. The Use Cases will include critical information concerning ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced revenue streams, and other tangible outcomes of deployments wherever possible, organized by vertical market categories. It is the considered opinion of the IMC Board that broader adoption of M2M technologies will be fostered by this kind of qualitative research, providing IoT and M2M Adopters with valuable lessons learned from real-life examples.


 The IMC is a trade organization for the machine-to-machine communications industry, and it brings a new approach - it will stant for M2M as its own global  industry - it will not see M2M through the narrow lens of a single product category, nor will it see M2M solely as applied to a single vertical industry. The IMC will strive to bring together M2M Solutions Providers and Adopters of M2M technology into a single membership organization.

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